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In the event of an accident our experienced and fully qualified engineering team can visit you at work or at home to give a comprehensive estimate of repair costs, or alternatively you are welcome to visit our site and relax in our reception while the estimate is compiled. If they are unable to fully assess the extent of the damage or if your vehicle is not roadworthy they can arrange for a replacement vehicle from our extensive fleet, everything from runabouts to vans and prestige and automatic transmission vehicles are usually readily available.

We will be able to advise on the best course of action regarding not only the most appropriate method of repair but also on liability with regard to third party claims, uninsured losses, personal injury and excess recovery. We are the professionals; let us advise you on the best way to proceed. We deal with accident repairs and insurance claims every day let us guide you through what can be a complicated and expensive experience.

Following a detailed assessment of your vehicle, as an Advance customer you will be contacted by one of our customer liaison team to help you through the whole process, from keeping you mobile and informed about the progress of your repair to filling in claims forms and we will be happy to deal with the insurers on your behalf, ensuring you receive the very highest standard of repair and customer service. This is your vehicle, when the repairs are complete you will want to be sure you still own a safe vehicle repaired in line with manufacturers guidelines and with the peace of mind that our uncompromising standard of repair has been delivered in every case. What you can’t see is just as important as what you can.

All modern vehicles are constructed using a range of metals and materials in their construction to help improve performance and fuel efficiency by reducing weight, structural rigidity for better handling and ever increasing safety cell improvements. All these design and construction features need to be considered when assessing and repairing a vehicle and while every customer is entitled to expect their vehicle to appear to have been returned to its pre-accident condition externally these elements need to have been properly and professionally attended to if the vehicle is going to perform and be as safe to use as the manufacturer intended.

We are extensively equipped with chassis repair, alignment and measuring equipment and by working closely with the vehicle manufacturers have on site access to manufacturers chassis geometry data our technicians are able to ensure all structural and chassis repairs are completed to the highest standard and in line with manufacturers specifications, protecting your investment, your manufacturers warranty and ensuring your personal safety.

At Advance we are able to handle any level of damage up to and including structural high strength steels and aluminium. Our trained technicians use our dedicated aluminium repair bays to isolate repairs with aluminium construction to prevent any contamination of the aluminium from metal repairs and they are accredited and certified to carry out repairs to these specialist materials.

In addition the increasing complexity of electrical architecture on modern vehicles requires specialist attention. At Advance our manufacturer trained technicians are equipped to diagnose, repair and re-set all the electrical components activated and damaged in a collision.